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    • Preface - Zoe Williams
    • Introduction: how the other half lives - Katie Higgins and Samuel Burgum
      Part I Structural inequalities
    • Editor's introduction: Placing inequalities in context (contingency)
    • 1 Emergence to clearance: the housing question in the district of Ancoats - Nigel de Noronha and Jonathan Silver
    • 2 Abandonment to financialisation: Ancoats and the ongoing housing question - Nigel de Noronha and Jonathan Silver
    • 3 Austerity and the local state: governing and politicising 'actually existing austerity' in a post-democratic city - Joe Penny
    • 4 'They don't know how angry I am': the slow violence of Austerity Britain - Anthony Ellis
      Part II Situated inequalities
    • Editor's introduction: Beyond the economic (complex inequalities)
    • 5 Iconic architecture: seduction and subversion - Amparo Tarazona-Vento
    • 6 Catcalls and cobblestones: gendered limits on women's walking - Morag Rose
    • 7 Inequality in elite neighbourhoods: a case study from central London - Ilaria Pulini
    • 8 Discrimination in 'receptive cities'? Voices from Brighton and Bologna - Caterina Mazzilli
      Part III Interrelated inequalities
    • Editor's introduction: Relations of inequality (never in isolation)
    • 9 The Sunday Times Rich List and the myth of the self-made man - Elisabeth Schimpfössl and Timothy Monteath
    • 10 Victims and agents: the representation of refugees among British volunteers active in the refugee support sector - Maestri & Monforte
    • 11 Entwined stories: privileged family migration, differential inclusion and shifting geographies of belonging - Sarah Kunz
    • 12 'Milan doesn't want us to be comfortable': differential inclusion of refugees in Milan - Maurizio Artero
    • Conclusion: Highs and lows: breaching social and spatial boundaries - Rowland Atkinson
  • Talk: Social Scientists Aginst the Hostile Environment
  • Paper: Narrow Margins. 7th October 2022. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.
  • Paper: Narrow Margins. University British Columbia, Vancouver.
  • Talk: Manchester Statues Event
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This City is an Archive: Squatting History and Urban Authority. Journal of Urban History. [open access]
Versions of this paper presented to the Urban Institute (Sheffield), Inequalities Research Cluster (BCU), and CCSA, Goehte-Frankfurt Unversity [Video].2019

Squatting, Trespass, and Direct Housing Action - A Report of 'Making Space'. Radical Housing Journal. 1.1
A report on the Making Space Exhibition, which toured Temporary Autonomous Art (Sep 2019), Glastonbury Festival (June 2019), University of Brighton (June 2019), Leeds Beckett University (March 2019), New Roots Co-operative Sheffield (Jan-Feb 2019), ESRC Festival of Social Sciences Union St Cafe (Nov 2018). Magazine: 'Making Space: Squatting and Trespass' Now Then Magazine, Issue #128. Blog: 'Making Space: An Exhibition of Squatting, Trespass, and Direct Housing Action' Art/Law Network.
  • Talk: 'London's Interstices: The Housing Crisis and Squatter Citizenship in the Global North'. 
    RC21 Annual Conference, Delhi, India. (Sep 2019).
  • Panel: convening 'Critical Geographies of Occupation, Squatting & Trespass' with Alex Vasudevan.
    RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London (Aug 2019). [Call for papers]
  • Talk: Squatting Forum at the Extinction Rebellion East London Uprising, Guerilla Garden. 13-14th July 2019.
  • Talk: Squatting in Grey Spaces: Informality and Negotiating Housing in Contemporary London. 
    A Right to Home? University of Brighton. 7th Jun 2019.
  • Blog: Public Book Discussion: Vasudevan's 'Autonomous City'. Urban Institute Blog.
  • Talk: 'Squatting London - A History of the Present'. CURB Seminar Series, University of York. 30th Jan 2019.


Occupying London, Post-Crash Resistance and the Limits of Possibility. Routledge.
First chapter free on Google Books. Review: Teo Todorova for Antipode. Review: Pete 'the temp' Bearder for TCS.

From Grenfell Tower to the Home Front: Unsettling Property Norms Using a Genealogical Approach. Antipode. [open access]
Shortlisted for the Thinkhouse Early Career Researcher’s Prize 2019. An outline of the paper (and slides) is available on this blog: 'The Died Because They Were Poor' Periferies Urbanes. [Spanish Italian Catalan]. Versions of this paper were also presented at: Temporary Autonomous Art Exhibition (London, May 2018)SqEK annual conference (Sicily, June 2018); Peaks and Troughs workshop (Sheffield, June 2018); AESOP Annual Congress (Gothenburg, July 2018)



Occupying London: Post-Politics or Politics Proper? Fast Capitalism. 13.1
Versions of this paper (as part of my PhD research) were also presented at: 3rd Annual BSA Early Career Theorists Symposium, Goldsmiths. 29th May 2015. BSA Regional Event: Youth Activism and Resistance. University of Leicester. June 2014. PG Workshop, 21st International Critical Theory Conference, Charles University Prague, May 2014. 19th Alternative Futures and Political Protest Conference, Manchester Met, April 2014. Departmental Seminar, University of Lisbon, March 2014. Social and Political Critique in an Age of Austerity, University of Keele. 12th Feb 2014.


Campus Politics, Student Societies and Social MediaThe Sociological Review. 63, 4, 820-839
Also published as an academic blog: 'Campus Politics, Student Societies and Social Media'The Sociological Review.

The Branding of the Left: Between Spectacle and Passivity in an Era of Cynicism. Journal for Cultural ResearchA version of this paper was also presented at: Departmental Seminar, University of Liverpool, May 2014.