I currently supervise and contribute lectures, workshops, and seminars on the following modules at Sheffield:

TRP234 Urban Theory & Politics

TRP111 Cities
TRP130 Housing, Home and Neighbourhood
TRP6404 Research Methods (MA)

TRP6406 Dissertation (MA)

TRP626 Doctoral Training in Urban Studies & Planning

I also have previous teaching experience in the following areas:
SO9B2 Cultures of Life, Authority & Power in Modernity (Warwick)
SO915 Qualitative Methods in Social Research (Warwick)
SO304 Economic Sociology (Warwick)
SO120 Researching Culture & Society (Warwick)
SO114 Sociological Perspectives (Warwick)
SOC2085 Refugees and Displacement: Borders, Camps, and Asylum (Newcastle)
SOC2069 Researching Social Life 1 (Newcastle)
SOC2070 Researching Social Life 2 (Newcastle)
Introducing Social Theory (York)

I have worked as a Teaching Fellow (Sociology @ Warwick); Graduate Teaching Assistant (Sociology @ York, Warwick & Newcastle); and as a researcher for the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

I am also an Associate Fellow of the HEA (AFHEA) and have published in the area of HE pedagogy:

In addition to teaching, I have also taken part in extra-curricular duties as part of academic citizenship within the department. This includes:

- Taking an active role in raising the profile of early career researchers in urban studies at University of Sheffield, including organising the Critical Friends research forum, arranging for the display and design of researcher profiles in the department, and leading a session at the departmental away day 2018.

- Participating in an internal review of mentorship within USP, Sheffield.

- Applying for funding, designing, and organising the Making Space exhibition as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences, November 2018.

- Organising and participating in the running of student field trips to Lisbon, Amsterdam, and Belgrade at the University of Warwick.

- Successfully applying for funding and running a 1-day workshop on 'Digital By-Product Data and the Sociological Imagination' University of York, 21st May 2013.

- Volunteering to help run large conferences, including the Deviancy Conference 2011 and the Neoliberalism Conference 2013 (both University of York), as well as recording and editing footage from these events.

- Running a research blog: squattinglondon.wordpress.com